Shopify Banner Sizes: Guidelines + How To Optimize

Online shopping is a visual experience. 

Slick copy and competitive pricing will only get you so far in the eCommerce game, and that’s where captivating imagery steps in.

Enter Shopify banners.

A Shopify banner with the correct size, tone, and mood to highlight your brand’s voice can deliver incredible benefits!

This article will list the best Shopify banner sizes to use on your website for maximum conversions. We’ll also cover the key guidelines for Shopify banners and answer some helpful FAQs

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Let’s get started.

What is a Shopify Banner?

Shopify banners are digital ads and imagery that add visual appeal to your website. They are usually rectangular and appear along the top, sides, and bottom of web pages.

Shopify banners come in many different sizes and serve different purposes. 

But before we dive into that, let’s look at the benefits of using captivating Shopify banners:

3 Key Benefits of Having the Correct Shopify Banner Sizes

The benefits of having the correct Shopify banner ad sizes are:

1. Better User Experience

When you correctly size and optimize your Shopify banner ad or image for all devices (desktop, mobile, tablet, etc.), you’ll skyrocket your user experience!

Non-stretched and clear Shopify images allow customers to visualize things easily, along with understanding and connecting with your products better — which is key for conversions.

2. Faster Page Loading Times

Slow webpage loading times are a death sentence for website engagement! 

The ideal webpage loading time is 1-3 seconds. Any longer, and your potential customers will get impatient and look elsewhere. 

Statistically, 53% of mobile websites are abandoned if web pages take longer than three seconds to load. Even worse, Google claimed that a 2-second delay resulted in abandonment rates of up to 87%.

The solution?

Having the right Shopify banner sizes will help your web pages to load quicker, making it more likely that you’ll stay safely under the 3-second limit.

3. SEO Improvements

Faster page load times come with SEO benefits. So image optimization and correctly sized banners may also lead Google to rank your website higher.

So, how do you create an “ideal” banner to reap all these benefits?

Shopify Banner Size Guidelines

All Shopify experts follow a few essential guidelines when sizing their Shopify store banners — and you should too.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Shopify banner images should be at least 1200 pixels in width and 400-600 pixels in height
  • Maximum image dimensions should be 4472 x 4472 pixels (or 20 megapixels)
  • Maximum image file size should be 20 MB
  • The recommended size for a square image is 2048 x 2048
  • The recommended size for zoom functionality is 800 x 800 px (minimum)
  • The width of the banner image is pretty set, whereas the height will determine how much screen it covers. 
  • 600 pixels will take up most of the above-the-fold space the website visitors see upon entering. 
  • 400 pixels will leave some room for other elements of the page.

Note: These guidelines are a good base to build on. Each type of banner will likely have unique image requirements to best suit its purpose. 

You can visit the Shopify Help Center for additional formatting suggestions and tips.

Now we can go over the best Shopify banner sizes:

Best Shopify Banner Sizes

As we mentioned, there are different types of Shopify banners — each with its own purpose and ideal Shopify image size. 

Here are the best sizes for each Shopify banner:

1. Shopify Header Banner Size

The header banner is the large image you see at the top of a Shopify store home page. 

Since it’s the first impression of your website, it’s crucial to get the perfect banner size.

The image requirements for the header banner are to be between 400-600 pixels tall and 1200-2000 pixels wide.

Note: The most popular header banner size is 1920 x 1080 pixels (or an aspect ratio of 16:9), but you can adjust this to suit your web page best.

2. Shopify Collection Image Size (Collection Banner)

A Shopify collection banner (also called a collection image) displays images of your product collections to drive conversions. 

Shopify collection image size should ideally be square and 2048 x 2048 pixels.

Pro tip: Square image formatting allows for better image stacking on mobile devices!

3. Shopify Slideshow Image Size (Slideshow Banner)

A Shopify slideshow image allows you to showcase several pictures with videos or captions in a slidable image format. Shopify slideshow image size is very similar to a Shopify banner image size, as it stretches across the length of the screen. 

Shopify experts believe the best slideshow image dimensions should be 400-600 pixels tall and 1200-2000 pixels wide

However, remember to adjust the aspect ratio of your slideshow images as you see fit.

Doing so can help you either:

  • Fill up the “above-the-fold space” (the part of a web page shown before scrolling)
  • Allow other sections to appear below the slideshow images without having to scroll

4. Shopify Blog Banner Size

A Shopify blog banner image is similar to a header banner, as it’s a large image that stretches across the length of the screen — except it presents a blog page rather than the homepage. 

The blog banner size, if full-width, should be 1800 x 1000 pixels (or an aspect ratio of 1.8:1).

However, the size will depend on both the Shopify theme you use and how much of the screen you wish to cover with the background image.

Pro Tip: Using a free Shopify theme is a great way to play around with banner sizes to maximize your website’s potential. Try Shopify templates like the Debut theme — an excellent free template to use for practicing your banner sizing.

Want to make your blog page as captivating as possible?

Use additional Shopify images on the page that are as wide as the text you present. The ideal size for this is usually 600 pixels.

And there you go!

You now have all the tools you need to become a Shopify expert. Now you can master your Shopify banners to enhance your website to the best of its potential. 

But if you’re curious to learn more, let’s check out some Shopify banner FAQs.

4 FAQs about Shopify Banner Sizes

Below are the answers to some common questions about Shopify banner sizes:

1. What Size is the Mobile Banner on Shopify?

The size of the mobile Shopify banner is 320 x 100 pixels.

This banner size is displayed on all mobile devices and is either static or animated.

If you use a static banner, save it as a .jpg file for an easy image format. 

For an animated banner, save it as a GIF file. 

This will ensure your banner is presented as effectively as possible on both the mobile Shopify app and website.

2. Does Shopify Automatically Reduce Image Size?

Yes, Shopify will automatically compress and resize image additions!

While this is done for your benefit, it’s not always enough to create a fast-loading storefront.

Pro tip: To maximize web page loading times, we recommend using a tool like Optimizilla to resize images without sacrificing image quality.

3. What Is a Good Product Image Size?

We recommend using a square product image size of 2000 x 2000 pixels — but you can scale down if needed.

Having a suitable product image size collection is an essential part of your online store. If done correctly, a well-balanced Shopify product image size and image quality will: 

  • Enhance brand credibility: A high-quality product photo often reflects a high-quality Shopify product. High-quality Shopify product images present an advantageous impression of your brand, which will help you gain the trust of your customers.
  • Improve sales: More than 90% of internet buyers base their purchases on the product photo they see. In fact, an ideal Shopify product image size and image quality can increase conversions by up 30%.

It’s best to play around with your Shopify product image size to see what works best for your website’s needs.

4. How Can I Get the Perfect Banner Sizes Every Time?

Having a good understanding of the Shopify banner size guidelines is a good place to start. But the ideal Shopify image size is the one you personalize for your online store and customers.

The easiest way to do this seamlessly is via a Front-end-as-a-Service (Saas) provider — like Pack.

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Better Banners Equal Bountiful Business!

Using the correct Shopify banner sizes will not only improve your site’s UX but also enhance your brand identity and skyrocket customer engagement.

If you’d like to take things a step further, you should completely overhaul your Shopify store by going headless.

This will do much more than give you captivating banners. 

You can also expect a faster, more flexible, and highly responsive Shopify Storefront that’ll compel action from your customers!

So what are you waiting for?

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