Pack Raises $3M to Help Scaling Ecommerce Brands Keep Up with Shoppers’ Rising Expectations 

What this means for the company, the market, and our future..

When we founded Pack, our core team had years of experience designing, building, developing, and optimizing commerce storefronts. But we knew something was missing. Retailers and brands were forced to decide between flexibility or agility, often putting the other aside knowing it would negatively impact their business.

Flash forward to today, and we are delivering a product that we wanted and the industry needed. A future-proof platform that provides flexibility without complexity. One that empowers brands, marketers, developers, and non-technical teams alike to create the amazing, personalized shopping experiences they once could only dreamed of. 

Validation of Our Idea, Effort, and Platform

Today is an important day in our company’s brief history as we announce another $3 million seed funding round, totaling $6 million raised for our headless commerce platform in the last year alone. This round is led by Norwest Venture Partners, who have previously invested in companies like fabric, Plaid, Udemy, and Gong, and includes participation from Vanterra Ventures (Bombas, Daily Harvest, HumanCo), and returning investor, Alpaca. The seed round brings Pack’s total funds raised to $6 million in less than 12 months.

More than the money, the funding is further validation from investors that the hard work and late nights we put in bootstrapping our way through our first three years to build the platform we have today was the right decision. And the market agrees, as we have consistently shown 3-4x growth YoY.

What Does This Mean for the Company?

Today, Pack is poised for significant growth, and with the right partners and relationships, we’ll be doubling down on:

  • Continuously Improving our Platform + User Experience: Research and experience with customers have shown us that today’s consumers expect (and prefer) the faster, more personalized one-click experience we have been delivering. This new funding will help us continue to refine our industry-leading platform by bolstering our engineering, product, and design efforts. 
  • Expanding our Strategic Relationships: To date, Pack has been heavily focused on supporting the Shopify ecosystem, but we’ll be looking to diversify backend verticals as we grow to give brands what they deserve—the freedom to choose. Strategic partnerships will help us increase market share by extending go-to-market strategies and propel Pack to continue to innovate in the headless commerce space.
  • Enhancing our Market Visibility: We love our customers. Customers love us. And now, it’s time to bring the platform we have worked so hard to create to the world at large. Learn more about the work we’re doing with Cuts, Liquid I.V., Public Rec, and Sand Cloud.

Roadmap to the Future

Customers are looking to Pack for even more innovative tools and functionality, and we plan to deliver. With an aggressive roadmap of frontend features like content scheduling and multi-site management, we will continue to enable our customers to truly experience the promise of headless commerce.

Moving forward, we will continue to do everything in our power to provide our customers (and their customers) with a beautiful and engaging experience. By hiring and nurturing the best people, building the right relationships with strategic, channel, and investment partners, and remaining open to new innovations and technology, we can reach that goal for both our company and our customers!

For more insight into Pack’s seed round, check out this TechCrunch feature or see the press release.

Cory Cummings, Co-Founder and CEO at Pack